Foi publicado pelo canal do youtube A KA o vídeo “World Of Warcraft FPS FIX TIPS TUTORIAL”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo canal A KA: “Video guide for fps increase. In this tutorial i`ll show you how you can fix your fps problems in World of Warcraft with few easy steps.
One of the steps works for any game or program to increase performance.

Link to all the macros –
Prio program that save CPU priority ones you pick it up –

Addons and UI config:

Download link to the race changes i made for horde – plus video explaining how you can do it by yourself –

Video and links for new druid forms i made for feral, bear and boomi –

Video guide explaining power aura settings for warlock all specs –

POV from all classes :
Priest –
DK –
Rogue –
Warrior –
Paladin –
Druid –
Hunter –
Warlock =
Mage –
Shaman –

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
Playlist – ES_Welcome To Miami – DJ DENZ The Rooster

Confira o vídeo logo abaixo: