Your Mom s Favorite Minecraft Cheater ;)

Foi postado através do canal Playgroups o vídeo “Your Mom’s Favorite Minecraft Cheater ;)”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal Playgroups: “I’m sick of being called a simp.\n\nJust because I compliment a girl on her looks, personality, or interests, does not make me a simp. Maybe I’m genuinely trying to make her feel good or to lighten up her day after a long day. I don’t want everyone calling me something that is inherently \”bad\” just for being nice to a girl. Especially, giving a girl a gift for, say, her birthday, is not the same as mentioned below. Birthday gifts are normal and are just a respectful and kind gesture. The irony is that when boys DON’T do that, they are ALSO shamed.\n\nA real simp is someone who obsesses over a particular person with money, gifts, etc, expecting to receive a sexual or romantic return.\n\nThe majority of so-called \”simps\” do NOT do this.\n\nSo please, stop throwing the word simp around like its a baseball.”

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